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Love Off-Roading? You Need a Subaru Crosstrek

Posted by Devin Kaulback

Jul 31, 2015 5:31:22 PM


When you're looking for a more adventurous ride, you need a vehicle that is larger than the average sedan, but you may not be interested ina large crossover SUV, something that is great for daily driving as well as off-road fun. The Subaru Crosstrek is often touted for its smooth and efficient ride in the city and on highways, but it's also got the features that make it the perfect choice for off-road handling.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

Every Subaru has symmetrical all-wheel drive — it's one of our most-loved features — so, of course you can find it in the Crosstrek. The all-wheel drive allows excellent handling on a variety of terrains and weather conditions. Even if you hit slippery surfaces, you'll still be able to grip the "road,"

Boxer Engine

The boxer engine does more than just ensure excellent fuel economy, it balances the Crosstrek's weight. That means a smoother ride despite the conditions, with a lower centre of gravity.

Dynamics Control

If you're into off-roading, driving is about more than just hitting the gas and driving in a safe, straight line. When you get off the beaten path, you're taking lots of turns, slowing down, stopping and speeding up. The Crosstrek's dynamics control keep you on the right path by automatically sensing the steering at every turn.

Ground Clearance

Despite being a smaller crossover, the Crosstrek still has 8.7 inches of ground clearance, allosing you to handle rocky trrain and deeper water — within reason. Of course, this isn't a four-wheeler, but you can still master your off-road adventure.


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Subaru Awards: Who is the IIHS?

Posted by Devin Kaulback

Aug 26, 2014 11:00:00 AM


At Subaru of Niagara, we love talking up the safety of our cars and SUVs. We do it with good reason, too – we keep winning awards for it. With the 2015 Outback and Legacy joining the ranks, Subaru is the only manufacturer to receive top ratings for all models for the past five years (2010 – 2014). The awards that Subaru earns are not given by just any organization though; one of those bodies is the IIHS, the biggest name in road safety testing in North America!

More than 50 years of research

The  Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a not-for profit, USA based organization that is dedicated to reducing the losses, both human and monetary, resulting from accidents on the road. The organization was founded in 1959 by three major insurance associations that represent 80% of the US auto insurance market. Since the late 1960s, the Institute has functioned as an independent, science based research organization dedicated to finding and developing a multitude of options for reducing loss related to automobiles. It focuses on human, vehicle, and physical environment factors that affect highway safety across the USA and through its research has helped steadily lower road fatalities over the past 40 years through improvements in vehicle safety as well as to driver behaviour and roadway design.*

Research and design influence

The IIHS acquires its vehicle safety data through its own Vehicle Research Centre. The VRC has been open since 1992 and, through strenuous and constantly evolving crash tests, has encouraged manufacturers to develop safer and safer vehicles. The organization's research has led to developments in crash avoidance technology like the EyeSight® system with automatic braking technology and the multi-angle rearview cameras that you’ll find in a variety of older models, as well as standard on new 2015 Subarus!

You can visit the IIHS to read up on the test results of all Subaru vehicles, and see how we’ve dominated the TOP SAFETY PICKs categories throughout the past decade.

Check out this video of the small overlap crash test for the 2015 Legacy from the Institute:

At Subaru of Niagara we take the safety of you and your family seriously. To experience the safety, capability and fun of driving a Subaru, visit us today!

*information provided by the IIHS website -

 Connect with Subaru of Niagara today!

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2015 Subaru Outback and Legacy receive IIHS Top Safety Pick+ ratings

Posted by Devin Kaulback

Aug 21, 2014 10:51:33 AM


The great thing about Subaru cars and SUVs is the fact that we get to spread great news about them all the time. It seems like every time we release a new vehicle it is followed up with by a surge of information about new features, technology and achievements. We’ve spent the past few weeks showing off our excitement about the new Legacy and Outback, both of which were released earlier this summer, and now we get the chance to tell you more great news about them!

In keeping with the Subaru tradition of putting the safest possible vehicles on the road, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has awarded the 2015 Outback and Legacy  TOP SAFETY PICK+ (TSP+) ratings, joining the same rank occupied by the 2014 versions, as well as the 2014 Forester. These honours add to Subaru’s record of the most 2014 TOP SAFETY PICKs (TSP), which was officially achieved with the BRZ earlier this summer, as well as our achievement in being the only manufacturer to earn TSP ratings for all models for five years running!

Superior protection

In order to qualify as a TSP, vehicles must earn acceptable or good ratings in small overlap protection (where 25% of the vehicle’s front end strikes another vehicle or rigid barrier like a tree or utility pole) as well as good ratings in moderate overlap, front, side, roof strength and head restraint tests. To earn a TSP+ rating, the car has to achieve those ratings as well as basic, advanced or superior ratings in front crash prevention.

Helping to propel the Legacy and Outback to their superior front end crash prevention ratings is the optional EyeSight technology, which completely stopped the vehicle in the Institute’s 12 and 25 mph front crash avoidance tests.

Improvements over last year

Even though the 2014 Legacy was also an IIHS TSP+ winner, we weren’t satisfied with just an “acceptable” rating in small overlap front prevention. So, we improved it with better structural performance and improved restraint and injury reduction measures, increasing the rating to “good.”

At Subaru of Niagara, we take the safety of you and your family serious. We’re proud to provide the safest vehicles on the road for 5 years running and can’t wait to see what Subaru does next! To check out the safety, smooth handling and awesome driving experience of any of our vehicles, stop by today!

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Get connected with Subaru’s StarLink Infotainment System

Posted by Devin Kaulback

Aug 12, 2014 11:59:16 AM


Subaru vehicles are known for their rugged versatility, awesome handling and industry-leading safety. We spend a lot of time talking about the benefits of features like all-wheel drive, Eyesight and PZEV technology, but those aren’t the only factors that contribute to the awesome experience of driving a Subaru. With the 2015 models arriving at Subaru of Niagara, we thought it’d be a good time to tell you about another feature that’s making Subarus an even better choice – the STARLINK Infotainment system.

When we told you about the 2015 Outback and Legacy, we mentioned the upgraded in-dash screen and standard rear-view backup camera. What we didn’t tell you about was the vehicles’ compatibility with your Apple or Android smartphone. Enter STARLINK.

Easy Connectivity

You can easily connect your Apple or Android smartphone to the vehicle’s head unit via the standard Bluetooth connectivity or USB port. When using the Bluetooth feature, you have the option of connecting manually through the vehicle’s touchscreen or with the voice command feature. Once your device is set-up and paired with your car, you can have text messages read aloud to you through the audio system and have the ability to respond by voice using 15 preloaded messages (on select trim levels only). The system also has the ability to store up to six different phones, meaning anyone driving the car regularly has the option of connecting their phone without removing yours from the memory.

Get music, news and weather sent to your vehicle

With the new Legacy and Outback, Subaru has also introduced the STARLINK app, available from the Google Play and iTunes app stores. The app, when downloaded and connected, pushes content from your phone to your car’s infotainment system. You can access calendar, news and weather information through the touchscreen and also utilize the included iHeartRadio feature, an all-in-one digital music service featuring millions of songs and thousands of radio stations. Additional apps and services that work with STARLINK will be made available in the future and won’t require any upgrades to the vehicle’s software!


The STARLINK technology is currently available on the 2015 Outback and Legacy models and will be offered on more models soon. We’ll keep you updated as more features become available!

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Subaru Tips: How to lower your insurance rates

Posted by Devin Kaulback

Aug 7, 2014 12:45:43 PM


Owning a car is great – especially when it’s a Subaru! You have mobility, freedom, and convenience bundled into a single package that’s fun and safe for drivers and passengers. Of course, the reality of owning a vehicle are the expenses that come with it; things like payments, maintenance, and one thing that tops most driver’s list of frustrations: insurance.

Because we want to make sure you get the best experience out of your Subaru, we decided to share some tips we’ve come across about how you can reduce your insurance rates for your car!

Shop around for quotes

This is probably the most common tip we’ve seen. The closest insurance office might be right around the corner from your home or work, but that doesn’t mean it should be the first and last place you go for your car insurance. Check out multiple insurance providers and get quotes online.  Shopping online is hassle free and you can do it from the comfort of your home, without a pushy agent trying to upsell you into things you don’t need. Plus, many companies offer discounted rates for buying online, so keep that in mind when reviewing different providers.

Bundle your protection

Do you have more than one car? Own a house or rent an apartment? You can bundle multiple vehicles or include your property insurance along with your car protection and benefit from a reduced rate.

Drive Safely

Sure, Subarus are loaded with the best safety features you’ll find in Canada – we are, after all, the only brand who has IIHS Top Safety ratings for all of our models – but cars are only as safe as the person behind the wheel. Stick to the speed limit, drive defensively and stay within the rules of the road – tickets and at-fault accidents will lead to increases in your premiums and cost you hundreds of dollars over the years.

Share the ride

The more you drive, the more likely you are to get in an accident – at least according to insurance companies. As much as possible, car pool with friends and co-workers or take transit to avoid driving at busy times like rush hour; you’ll not only reduce your rates, you’ll help the environment AND get a chance to show off your Subaru to others.

Leverage your credentials          

Many insurance companies offer discounts for graduates of certain post-secondary institutions, so be sure to take that into consideration when shopping around. Plus, completing a driver’s education course will also help you save on your premiums year after year.

Secure and maintain your vehicle

All recent model year Subarus come standard with an Anti-theft system, which your provider will account for in your quote, but it’s a good idea to see if they offer additional discounts for after-market systems as well. You love your car after all, so there is no harm in adding a little extra security. Keeping with the maintenance schedule and using only genuine parts on you car will help to ensure it remains safe as well A safe car in good condition will be cheaper to insure.

These are just a few of the ways you can lower your insurance rates, but there are a lot more out there! At Subaru of Niagara, we want to make sure you get the best experience out of your car, so keep checking our blog to see additional tips and tricks to maximize your enjoyment!

Connect with Subaru of Niagara today!

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2014 Subaru BRZ awarded IIHS Top Safety Pick

Posted by Devin Kaulback

Jul 31, 2014 9:36:45 AM


Continuing the tradition of designing incredibly safe vehicles for your family, we’re thrilled to announce the Subaru has received yet another TOP SAFETY PICK (TSP) awarded from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for the 2014 BRZ.

The 2014 Subaru BRZ earned the TOP SAFETY PICK designation for its acceptable performance in small overlap crash tests. To test this quality in vehicles, the IIHS propels the vehicle at 40 mph into a rigid barrier that strikes 25% of the car’s front end.  The test recreates what happens when the front corner of a vehicle strikes an object such as a utility pole or other vehicle. The IIHS has been performing this test since 2012 but this is the first time the BRZ has been rated. This small overlap crash test is unique as it bypasses the car’s front-end crush zones, making it more difficult for it to manage the energy resulting from the collision. Often in these types of collisions, the occupant compartment can collapse, increasing the risk of injury to the driver and passengers.

The IIHS also performs moderate overlap front, side, roof strength and head restraint tests on vehicles. To qualify as a TOP SAFETY PICK, vehicles must earn good or acceptable ratings in the small overlap test as well as a good rating in the other four tests; the BRZ earned a good rating in each.

The BRZ’s award marks the seventh vehicle Subaru produces that has earned 2014 safety awards – four TOP SAFETY PICK and three TOP SAFETY PICK+ (TSP+) awards. As a result, we now have the most 2014 IIHS TSPs of any vehicle brand.

The 2014 BRZ joins the ranks of this year’s Impreza, XV Crosstrek, and 2015 WRX STi in the TSPs category. Subaru has earned TSP+ awards for the Legacy, Outback and Forester with optional EyeSight technology.

We also hit another milestone with this award – Subaru is now the only manufacturer to have TSPs for every model for the past five years.  The continual rewards for our cars is evidence of the importance placed on keeping our drivers safe and confident on the road. 

Connect with Subaru of Niagara today!

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Trick out your Outback with these great accessories!

Posted by Devin Kaulback

Jul 24, 2014 1:51:40 PM


As you can probably tell by the flurry of blogs and social media posts, we’re pretty excited about the 2015 Outback’s arrival at Subaru of Niagara. Earlier this week we told you about the trim levels available and what each comes with, but there is a whole lot more that you can add to your new Outback to really crank up the driving experience.

If you take a wander over to the Owner Resources section of, you’ll find the available accessories for all of our great vehicles and have the ability to check out what’s available for each model. Clicking on the Outback image on the Accessories page will take you to all the great add-ons that’ll improve the experience and look of your new car!


You can choose from an assortment of carrying attachments to mount on the roof via the standard roof rack or back end via an optional trailer hitch (also available). Cyclists will love the three different options for bike carriers that work on either the roof rack or trailer hitch, while those who catch their thrills on the water will be excited about the Kayak stacker attachment for the roof.  The carrying attachments for sports equipment aren’t limited to warm weather activities either. Drivers can also add a Ski and Snowboard carrier that will hold up to 6 pairs of skis.

If you’re looking for additional carrying space beyond the spacious trunk, Subaru is offering three sizes of roof mounted cargo boxes, suitable for any amount of additional luggage for equipment.  There are also other useful accessories for your interior cargo space including anti-slip mats, cargo nets and dividers.


One of the coolest accessories you can add to your Outback is a rear-seat entertainment system that integrates into the front seat head rests and matches your interior colour. You’ll be able to keep passengers entertained on long rides!

Audiophiles looking for better high frequencies in their music can add a set of tweeters to their standard speaker arrangement to gain a greater range of sound produced by the car’s audio system.

Visual Appeal

It’s no secret that Outbacks are great looking cars, but if you want to add some visual accents, you can choose from an assortment of deflectors for the hood, side windows and sunroof on your car. Drivers who want to stand out even more on the road at night can add Puddle Lights to the exterior of the car or, for notice during the day, moulding accents to the wheel arches.

Inside the car, you can give it a sportier look with a set of STI branded pedals and shift knob (Manual transmission only) or a leather wrapped option for automatics. Anyone looking for a really sleek and unique look for their interior can also add an interior illumination kit that’ll light up foot areas with a cool blue glow. And, of course, no car should be without a set of rubber floor mats to protect your floors during the wet winter months.

To see a complete list of available accessories for the 2015 Outback, check out the owner resources at, or visit Subaru of Niagara!

Take me to the Outback!

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The 2015 Outback is now available at Subaru of Niagara!

Posted by Devin Kaulback

Jul 21, 2014 11:36:00 AM


We told you a few weeks ago about the great overall feautes of the 2015 Subaru Outback, but with the new model arriving on Subaru of Niagara lot, we thought it would be a great time to get into the specifics.

The trim levels for the 2015 Outback are the 2.5i, 2.5i Touring, 2.5i Limited, and the 3.6R Touring and Limited packages.


The Outback base model offers either a 6-speed manual or Lineartronic CVT with paddle shifters and manual mode. It also has a standard 6.2 inch touchscreen audio system with Sirius XM Radio and Bluetooth streaming audio, iPod/USB audio integration and voice activated Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity. As with the higher trim levels, a rear view camera is standard on the base model. There is also the option to add PZEV emissions equipment.

2.5i Touring

The 2.5i Touring trim offers the same entertainment features as the base model, but kicks up the output from 4 to 6 speakers. As with the 2.5i, the interior accents are aluminium finished and the seats are covered in premium cloth upholstery. The 2.5i also has a leather-wrapped gear selector for added style over the 2.5i base’s soft grip selector.

2.5i Limited

This trim level upgrades the audio output to a Harmon Kardon 12-speaker system with a 576-watt amplifier and adds a voice activated in-dash GPS with a 7-inch, high-resolution touch screen, AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA and SMS text messaging capability, Aha Radio, SiriusXM Taffic, 3.5mm AUX jack and 2 USB slots. Witht the 2.5i Limited package, automatic dual-zone climate controls are voice activated and the rear view mirror comes standard with Homelink® Technology.

The Technology options for the 2.5i Touring and Limited trims offer steering responsive fog lights, a larger, 5-inch LCD instrument panel behind the steering wheel (versus the base 3.5inch display) and most notably, Eyesight ® and Rear/Side Vehicle Detection Systems.

3.6R Limited & Touring

These premium packages include the numerous features described above depending on the trim level selected, but ratchet up the vehicle’s power with a larger 3.6L, 6-cylinder, BOXER engine (rated at 256HP) and a High-Torque Lineartronic® CVT.

For 2015, Subaru is offering eight unique colour options available for all trim levels – Carbide Grey Metallic, Crystal Black Silica, Crystal White Pearl, Ice Silver Metallic, Lapis Blue Pearl, Tungsten Metallic, Twilight Blue Metallic and Wilderness Green Metallic.

All trim levels also come standard with Subaru’s industry leading safety and security features like driver and passenger dual-stage deployment Airbags (SRS) with occupant detection systems, keyless entry with panic alarm, Vehicle Dynamics Control System, X-mode with Hill Descent Control (CVT models only), and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

There are so many great options available for the new Outback that we could go on for days, but to really get a feel for this awesome Crossover, you have to experience it for yourself! To celebrate the Outback hitting the lot, we’ll be holding a special kick-off event in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to the Subaru of Niagara blog and Facebook page for more details!

Connect with Subaru of Niagara today!

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Subaru Genuine Parts

Posted by Devin Kaulback

Jul 15, 2014 10:00:00 AM


Whenever we meet both new and seasoned Subaru drivers, we usually find that the same things draw them towards our vehicles: top safety ratings, industry leading engineering, and high residual values. Only the best goes into designing and building a Subaru, so when it comes time to servicing one, it only makes sense to use the best parts available- Genuine Subaru Parts

Genuine Safety

Subaru vehicles, like the WRX and Forester, achieve their top safety ratings because they were built by experts using genuine parts, not aftermarket substitutes, which have been found to be less durable and rust resistant. Why compromise the safety of your vehicle by using components that can’t handle the harsh winters or rainy springs in Ontario? Plus those inferior parts will also cost you more in the long run as they are more likely to break down sooner than our original or remanufactured pieces.

Engineered to Perfection

Original and remanufactured genuine parts are built to strict engineering standards ensuring that each is manufactured from existing core parts and meets the latest specifications. Those remanufactured parts are even built in Canada using original equipment Subaru components. You’ll feel better knowing that the parts going into your car are designed to meet the strict standards for the precise operation and fit of your vehicle. Whenever you have your car serviced at an authorized Subaru dealer, your technician will be using the exact parts that are needed to keep it running at same high level of efficiency you’ve come to expect.

High Value

When you decide it’s time to upgrade to a new Subaru, you want to make sure the one you’re driving still has value. By using only genuine parts, you’re creating better value for future drivers because they’ll know you’ve maintained the safety and quality of your vehicle. That value for future drivers will translate into a better return on your vehicle at trade-in time!

Plus, every repair made with a genuine original part is backed by a 12-month, 20,000KM warranty. Even better, remanufactured parts are guaranteed with a 3-year, 60,000Km warranty endorsed by Subaru Canada.

When it comes to servicing your vehicle, don’t accept imitations. Choose only Genuine Subaru Parts and protect your vehicle, yourself, and your family on the road and in the bank! Subaru of Niagara has a wide range of genuine parts available as well as certified technicians to maintain the quality of your vehicle.

 Get the right parts for my Subaru

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Know your Subaru: The Lineartronic® Continuously Variable Transmission

Posted by Devin Kaulback

Jul 10, 2014 11:01:42 AM


Driving a Subaru is always a great experience and it’s easy to see why. They offer power, exceptional fuel-economy and a smooth ride. One of the things that contributes in significantly to the Subaru experience is the Lineartronic® Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). When you drive a CVT equipped Subaru, you’ll feel the difference.

How it differs

Automatic transmissions use a series of mounted gears, called planetary gears, that rotate, lock, and unlock in different combinations to convert the engine’s output in the power that propels the vehicle, via a torque converter. As the driver presses or releases the accelerator, the transmission switches gears and increases or decreases the power transferred from the engine to the wheels. Because these gears are set to specific ratios, there is a noticeable “step” as the transmission changes, resulting in a noticeable feeling for the driver and passengers.


The Lineartronic® CVT uses two hydraulically operated, adjustable pullies with a chain link that connects them and utilizes a step-less gear ratio that allows the engine to run at its optimal power range. Because there is no mechanical shifting, the driver and passengers will hardly notice when the transmission switches gears.

Automatic & Manual

Lineartronic® CVTs offer two driving modes to improve the driving experience; automatic and manual. When using the car’s automatic mode, the transmission adjusts instantly as the throttle is applied and momentum that is typically lost with a conventional automatic transmission is maintained.  In Manual Mode, the driver can use paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel to select the gear ratio best suited to the situation. In this mode, the driver is offered a sharper and sportier experience.


By eliminating mechanical gear changes and instead utilizing step-less changes, the CVT causes the powertrain to be more responsive when the throttle is applied. As a result, the vehicle speeds up and slows down faster and smoother than with a typical transmission.

Better Performance

Subaru’s Lineartronic® CVT essentially offers an infinite number of gear ratios, causing it to constantly locate the “sweet spot” for power and performance as it shifts up and down.  Traditional automatic transmissions only shift during a defined minimum and maximum RPM, decreasing your fuel economy as you are not constantly receiving the maximum power and performance of your engine while you drive. Also, because the CVT is a sealed unit, it requires no regularly scheduled maintenance, reducing the cost of maintain your car.

The Lineartronic® CVT, especially when it’s combined with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and a BOXER engine, not only improves the already awesome experience of driving a Subaru, but helps you save money at the pumps and at the service desk, all while offering a sportier, smoother drive. The Continuously Variable Transmission is available on the Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Outback, WRX/WRX STi, and XV Crosstek.

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