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Parking Basics: Parallel Parking

Posted by Devin Kaulback

Feb 11, 2014 3:40:42 PM


If you can't park, you can't drive anywhere. Whether you are a new driver or have been on the roads for year but still let parking get the best of you, Subaru of Niagara wants to help you with the basic parking methods so that you look as good parking your Subaru as you do driving it.


How to reverse parallel park



Step 1) Find the right space

Ideally, you're looking at a space that is a few metres longer than your car; that's long enough that you aren't going to risk damaging other vehicles or being too tight to get in and out of.


Step 2) Pull up to the vehicle in front of the space

We'll call it Car A. Pull up as close and straight as possible to Car A, so you are parallel. If the cars are different lengths, line up the backs of the vehicles.


Step 3) Crank the wheel

While fully stopped, turn your steering wheel all the way towards the spot you are aiming for. Do not move while doing this, that's the next step.


Step 4) Start reversing slowly

Turn around and look out the back of your vehicle and start reversing toward the car behind the parking spot (Car B). Keep your steering wheel cranked for this step.


Step 5) Stop reversing

When you see the front corner of Car B in the centre of rear window, stop and turn your wheel back to centre.


Step 6) Continue reversing

Once your wheel is straight, continue to reverse slowly. When the front of your vehicle has just barely passed the back of Car A, stop.


Step 7) Crank your wheel

This time, you are going to turn your steering wheel the opposite of before. Again, you are completely stopped for this.


Step 8) Continue reversing

You're almost there! Continue reversing slowly towards Car B, keeping your wheel fully turned. Once your car is perfectly parallel in your spot, straighten the wheel. put your vehicle in park and you're done! Congrats!


Remember, there is no substitute for practice, so after you've read this, get out there and try it yourself. And remember to check back for more parking tips from the pros at Subaru of Niagara!


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Exploring Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

Posted by Devin Kaulback

Nov 27, 2013 3:55:31 PM


The snow has started falling here in Niagara and with that snow comes road conditions that are less than ideal. But don't you worry, you drive a Subaru! Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) makes driving in any weather on any road a walk in the park. How can you feel anything less than confidence when you're behind the wheel of a vehicle with your safety in mind?


A feature with history

Subaru began producing vehicles with its Symmetrical AWD in 1972, so we've been dedicated to maintaining a system to keep you safe for years. With age comes wisdom and over the years, we've seen technological advances that we've used to improve and perfect a system that keeps you safe in all conditions.


What's the deal?

We know that all-wheel drive isn't a new concept, and certainly not a feature that is exclusive to Subaru. But Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive is. Our drive train is perfectly in balance — left and right are symmetrical. The balance in completely unique to Subaru and ensures stability and efficiency in power transmission which means a better grip and faster response time to slippage. 


So what?

When you drive a Subaru vehicle with our exclusive Symmetrical AWD you're going to seem some obvious benefits:


You've heard of Subaru's Boxer Engine, so how does it affect your Symmetrical AWD? It sends power to all four wheels continuously, doubling the change of tires finding traction in any weather condition. The more power sent to the wheels, the more traction to reduce sliding.


When the power gets divided through all four wheels, you get better stability and control, no matter what the road conditions. With more stability, you're less likely to spin sideways.


Our drive train is balanced on both sides, which makes for a constant and predictable driving experience every time you get behind the wheel. A balanced weight ratio increases your control which means you can take on a sharp curve with confidence.


What's the difference ... Really?

So now you know the basics behind our Symmetrical AWD, but what does that mean in comparison to other AWD systems? Check it out:  




So you've got the goods on what Subaru's Symmetrical AWD is all about, but seeing is believing. Come into Subaru of Niagara and take a vehicle out for a spin to see what all the fuss is about!


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Exploring the Subaru Boxer Engine

Posted by Devin Kaulback

Oct 29, 2013 3:22:00 PM

What makes a Subaru different? There is plenty. But amongst them is the boxer engine that adds to the optimal performance and power of the Subaru engine. Every Subaru is equipped with a boxer engine, we believe that when you have a great idea it shouldn't be exclusively reserved for the highest end models. Everyone deserves the best from their vehicle, this boxer engine delivers on every model we offer.


Where the Name Comes From

The name Boxer Engine is born of the actual motion of the pistons resembling the jabs of a boxer. The layout allows the engine to be positioned in-line with the drive-train for maximum transfer of power. Most engines are transverse (certainly other engines that are comparable to the Subaru line-up in model and price), meaning that they are turned perpendicular and require additional drivetrain components to transfer power. Just as it sounds it would, this dramatically reduces vehicle efficiency.

The punch movements of the boxer's pistons equal a smoother running engine without having to use those additional components to counteract them as in many in-line or V type engines.





Low Profile (It's a Very Good Thing)

Because the pistons moving horizontally, the engine in your Subaru is flat, low profile and almost perfectly symmetrical. Just as it sounds it would be, the results is a very well-balanced vehicle with a low centre of gravity. This translates to quick handling response and flat, confident cornering.




Subaru Boxer Engine Options

boxer_flat-4    Turbo_Boxer_Engine_282x160    V_30_08TDI_TRI030

2.0-liter and 2.5-liter Flat-4

Producing 148 and 170 horsepower respectively these 4-cylinder engines combine capable power, impressive efficiency, and impeccably smooth operation.



2.5-liter Turbocharged Flat-4

Available in 227, 265 and 305-horsepower versions, this turbocharged, intercooled 4-cylinder engine provides maximum power for exhilarating performance.


3.6-liter Flat-6

The largest SUBARU BOXER engine available, this 3.6-liter 6-cylinder serves up 256 horsepower and 247 lb.-ft. of torque.


Want to learn more about the Subaru Boxer Engine or check out the drive difference on these vehicles for yourself? Get in touch with us and you can take one out for a spin!


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