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Keeping You Safe in the Winter Months

Posted by Subaru of Niagara

Feb 4, 2015 3:00:00 PM


Residents of the Niagara Region are well aware of the uniquely accustomed weather known to the Region, especially for presenting a unpredictable winter season!

February has already presented us with more than 40 centimeters of powder in just over a day and a half. For those of you who were lucky enough to stay inside, it was for the better, as the Region worked diligently to clear the roads as fast as possible, however it was difficult to keep up with the snow-to-plow ratios.

 Driving conditions were not ideal in the last few days, with little to no visible lines on highways and side roads experiencing snow drifts up to 3 feet tall due to high wind conditions. However those brave enough to bear the cold in a top rated Subaru had the reassurance that they were able to make it to their destination safely. It’s more than just having winter tires on your vehicle in a Southern Ontario winter to ensure that you and your passengers are truly safe and comfortable with unexpected conditions.

 The unplanned weather conditions of the Region can can be frightening, especially when your presence is needed somewhere else. Thankfully features such as Subaru’s advanced safety features, and especially Subaru patent Symmetrical All-wheel drive,  as well as recognition from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recognize all Subaru’s in their Top Safety Picks for safety performance. These features ensure safety through ice and snow that may not be visible to the eye, when the wheels experience issues with traction.

Niagara’s unique weather conditions allow it to be the region that we call home, setting it apart from other regions within Ontario. Owning a Subaru ensures safety when weather is unpredictable and changes frequently. Stay safe, and bundle up… Spring roads are right around the corner!

Book a service appointment with us today and make sure your vehicle is in prime-shape for the rest of the winter! You never know what the weather Gods are going to throw at us again.

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Survival of the Fittest

Posted by Subaru of Niagara

Nov 28, 2014 5:00:00 PM


The thing that allows a species to survive is its ability to adapt, and the all-new 2015 Subaru Impreza has proven that it is capable of just that. There is a reason that the Subaru Impreza has been rated top safety picks by the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for five consecutive years. The Impreza features a symmetrical full-time All-Wheel Drive system and a Subaru
2.0-litre four-cylinder Boxer engine, this proved to help the vehicle handle better than expected when it was taken out for a test drive in the snow in the -12°C  temperatures of the Okanagan mountains, where the powerful AWD system showed off its superiority. The Impreza 2015 delivers 148 horsepower at 6,200 rpm and 145 lbs.-ft. at 4,200 rpm, and for all of the manual fans out there, all versions of the Impreza offer it.

Keeping with the trend of safety, all 2015 Impreza models have a newly added backing up camera, 2015 WRX-style side view mirrors, front dual-stage airbags, driver knee airbag, front seat-impact airbags and side curtain airbags. Of course there are a lot of features that were kept the same from previous models, however, each model is a step up, integrating the best features of prior successful models, and finding new innovative ways to make them even better.

To find out more about the benefits of owning the new 2015 Subaru Impreza, stop by Subaru of Niagara, and book a test drive today.

Also don't forget that winter is here already! Keep your vehicle in tip-top shape by booking your winter check-up with us today!

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Stay Safe This Winter!

Posted by Subaru of Niagara

Nov 18, 2014 5:00:00 PM


The first snow has fallen here in Southern Ontario, and we want to make sure that you are safe on the roads this winter. We all know that any sort of extra work in the winter is no fun, but a little extra work in regards to your vehicle will keep you safe and comfortable on the road. There are a few myths about winter vehicle maintenance, and we are here to help you debunk some of them, and help you get your vehicle prepared for winter.

Claim: All-Season/ All-Terrain tires are just as effective in the winter as winter tires

The fact is that winter tires weren’t just created to drive sales and raise profits. They were developed because regular and even all season tires are not built to handle the winter as well as winter tires were. Regular tires are not designed to have as much traction as winter tires are designed with. Yes, this includes cars operating with AWD (All Wheel Drive) or 4WD. The big issue with driving in the winter is all about traction, and winter tires feature specially developed rubber and tread patterns that were developed and designed specifically with snow in mind. On the reverse side, cold weather makes regular tires stiffen out and actually lose traction, while winter tires are built to remain flexibility and retain the highest levels of traction possible.

Claim: Cars with AWD don’t need winter tires

It’s easy to fall under the assumption that AWD enabled cars are built to combat the need for winter tires, but the reality is that winter tires actually enhance your AWD driving experience. AWD systems provide optimized power transmission delivery, but don’t help much in terms of steering and braking situations. AWD is a feature made to improve performance, not safety. The Technology behind the AWD feature is engineered to help a vehicle accelerate, however it does not help a vehicle steer or stop in a shorter distance. That’s where store tires come in. The distance in which your car stops all come to how much traction and grip your tires have and this is why winter tires are made. Winter tires do not compete with AWD technology, but make your AWD experience in the winter that much better.

Claim: “There’s no point in keeping my car clean during the winter. It’ll get dirty again and its a waste of money”

Maintaining a clean car in the winter is a challenge compared to other parts of the year. Especially in Ontario, where snow falls for more than 3 months. However keeping a clean car comes with its benefits. Car care protects our cars, ensuring that they last longer and preserves a higher resale value. Ensuring that built up ice and dirt is removed also keeps you safer. You would hate for a piece of ice or snow to interfere with your vision of the road while you’re driving. Also the elements that make our cars appear dirty, actually eat away at a car’s metal parts, which in turn can compromise safety.

For more expert advice on facing the harsh realities of the winter roads, and ensuring the best and safest travels, come into Subaru of Niagara today.

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Winter Isn't Too Far Away!

Posted by Subaru of Niagara

Sep 2, 2014 5:00:00 PM


The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a worse-than-usual winter this year. They are calling for frigid and wet conditions, and temperatures much colder than last year. Whether you take much stock in the Almanac or not, there are some things you can do to get your Subaru ready for winter driving.

Check Your Anti-Freeze

The car’s coolant system is extremely important in the winter months.  Make sure your coolant system is flushed before the first freeze, and also check the coolant system for leaks.  Be sure to put fresh coolant in as well.

Use Your Garage

If you have a garage, use it! A garage or sheltered area protects not only the paint of your car, but is also a guard against your fluids freezing. if you do not have a garage or carport, you may want to invest in a car cover. While this won’t protect you against freezing fluids, it will protect your paint and windshield.

Check Your Heating System

Be sure that your heater system is working correctly, and nothing is leaking. Make sure the blower works and most importantly, make sure the window defroster is operating.

Windshield Wipers

Check your wipers for cracks or tears in the rubber. If they are worn down, replace them.  Also it is beneficial to change to the wiper fluid that contains anti-freeze.

Snow Tires

In the Canadian winter, snow tires are a great investment. You want to ensure traction when driving on icy or wet roads, and by investing in snow tires, it is just one more step in keeping everybody safe on the road.

Emergency Kit

In the worst case scenario, you may need an emergency roadside kit (including flares, flashlight, an batteries. It also helps to keep an extra warm blanket and some water and snacks somewhere in the car. Ideally, you will never use any of these - but it is better to be safe than sorry.

We are still a few months away from this weather, but it never hurts to get a head start on Mother Nature. Come into Subaru of Niagara and get your vehicle all ready to go for the winter ahead!

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Stay Safe on Winter Roads with your Subaru

Posted by Alex Digenis

Feb 5, 2014 1:26:12 PM


This winter has been one for the record books. Mother nature has not let us forget what a Canadian winter really is with all this snow. And with the winter weather warnings today, Subaru of Niagara wants to remind you how to stay safe on the roads when the going gets tough.


Be Prepared

When it comes to winter driving, make like a Boy Scout and be prepared. Don't hit the roads unless you are sure your car can handle the winter conditions. Cold weather tires are a number one priority for snowy and icy conditions. Remember to check your anti-freeze, battery and that everything is functioning properly. Also stock up on an emergency kit and small snow shovel.


All-Wheel Drive doesn't make you Invincible

It's true that Subaru's symmetrical All-Wheel Drive makes for a safer drive in snow and ice, but don't let it give you a false sense of security. You still have to be cautious. AWD monitors the torque sent to each of your vehicle's tires to help control your traction in snowy conditions. So, you should have no problem flying down the road, right? Wrong! You won't have the traction you need to break. So yes, AWD gets you going in wintery conditions, but it doesn't make you a super hero.


Slow Down

A lot of drivers have the bad habit of speeding and snow doesn't always slow them down. When you start to slip, every second matters and speeding limits the amount of time you have to react and avoid a collision. As soon as the temperature is hovering around freezing or the snow starts falling, slow down. Drive at a safe speed that gives you the reaction time you need, just in case.


Keep your Distance

Just because you are comfortable on the roads in the winter, it doesn't mean everyone else is. Keep your distance and avoid following too closely. Double your normal distance between vehicles so you have more braking time. Keep your eyes ahead, looking for stoplights, curves or road hazards so you know what's coming before it happens.


Easy on the Brakes

By keeping your eyes ahead, you'll be able to avoid slamming on the brakes. Winter roads are more hazardous and slippery, and cause more panic which often leads to slamming on your brakes without thinking. Don't do it, you will lose traction. If you feel yourself begin to slide, ease off the accelerator and let your vehicle slow down. You want your tires to keep moving so you still have some traction and are able to steer if necessary. Slow and steady braking is the way to go in winter.


Like you, we're hoping to see the end of winter soon. But if Wiarton Willie has anything to say about it, there are a few more weeks to go, so stay safe and drive smart.


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Plug In your Subaru with a Block Heater this Winter

Posted by Devin Kaulback

Jan 6, 2014 1:29:00 PM


We've seen some pretty chilly days this winter and there are bound to be more — we are in Canada after all. Your Subaru may love to take on the winter roads, but it doesn't like the cold temperatures any more than you do. That's where a block heater comes in. Keep your Subaru warm and happy by plugging in when the temperature drops.


What is a block heater and why do you need one?

A block heater isn't that different from the electrical element in an electric kettle specifically designed to keep your Subaru engine warm in the winter. We've already seen the temperature dip well below -20˚C and starting your engine in freezing temperatures isn't the best thing for your Subaru. Having a block heater that is specially designed to be installed and operate in the engine of your Subaru will make sure to keep your engine running well all winter.


How does a block heater work?

Once Subaru of Niagara installs your block heater, you just have to plug into a regular electrical outlet early on those cold winter mornings, If you plug into a timer and set to turn on around 4:00 - 5:00 a.m., you won't even have to brave the frigid morning.

The block heater will heat up, raising your car's cooling system up to or near the optimal operating temperature. No more waiting for your vehicle to heat up! Immediately after starting your ignition, you will feel the heat from your car's heater and you will see the snow and ice on your windshield melt away faster.

When you engine's coolant is closer to the optimal operating temperature, the heat will transfer through your engine and heat up the oil as well. This will relieve the starter from the strain of trying to turn over an engine with thick cold oil and get the moving parts inside your Subaru lubricated sooner.


Once you start using a block heater, you won't want to go back. It's just another way to enjoy the winter roads with your Subaru!


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Keeping Your Subaru Snow Ready

Posted by Devin Kaulback

Oct 31, 2013 9:15:00 AM



We know that you read that title and thought "isn't my Subaru always winter ready?" And we know why you think so. Subaru is an industry leader when it comes to the safety function for not so great weather, but there are steps you can take to preserve the performance of your car and ensure that you are one step ahead as the blustery days of winter approach. 


Do the Winter Check List

To ready your Subaru for the snow you should check the following to make sure that you are covered on all accounts for the colder weather. Here is a list of items to work through to ensure that you are ready:

  • Check your Radiator Fluid
  • Check and top up your Windshild Washer Fluid
  • Check your Tire Pressure - it changes in cold weather, the monitor light may come on when the temperature drops so a quick top off should keep you warning signal free!


Easy Daily Maintenance for Winter

The following tips will equal optimal performance all winter long, so give them a glance to ensure that you are earning the title Subaru Owner every time you put your key in the ignition:

  • Keep your gas tank 1/3 to 1/2 full, minimum!
  • Run your engine for 30 seconds before you kick it into gear
  • Lift the wiper blades when you are parked or place newspaper under them - no more freezing! (Facebook Fan Ryan also suggested putting a plaster bag under the windshield wipers... thanks Ryan!)
  • Clean your wiper blades with windshield washer fluid - seems logical, but it leads to streak free winter windshields!


Life Hacks for Subaru Snow-Days

Not sure what a life-hack is? It is the simple tricks we use to make life slightly easier. The "why didn't I think of that" moments that make you shake your head... we are all about the simplify! Make life easier with these tricks of the trade:





Windshield Fogging Up Fast




Turn off the front defroster before turning off and exiting the car. Seems simple but sending the heat to the floor will allow the windshield to cool and so, you won't have a fast fog conundrum because the cool air will be coming into contact with a cool windshield! Perfecto!


Door Frozen Closed



Prevent it before it happens! Wipe silicone on the rubber seals of the door or use silicon spray on the door seal - wipe off the excess or overspray and voila, freeze-free!


Door Lock Frozen


  Heat the key with a match and then try again. If all else fails you can get lock de-icer from the hardware or automotive store, but try this quick tip first!


Keep In Your Car Kit

To make sure that you are the full embodiment of preparedness, we have taken this one step further and prepped a mini-list to make sure your car is full of the essentials.

Happy driving Subaru lovers, and if you are feeling ready for a winter tune-up, click the button below to get in touch with Service!


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